Maintenance and repairs are entirely free of charge when you decide to go for a FREE on LOAN machine or when you rent one.

What about if you own your machine?

If you own one of the Lavazza machines and would like to get it serviced or repaired we can undertake the job for a reasonable price.

Of course when it comes to repairs customers expect a top quality service and possibly good value for money too. At Amr Lavazza we have plenty of experience in this field; no job's too big or too small.

We  will  repair  any Lavazza Espresso  Point  machines.

  1. Call us to explain what seems to be the problem
  2. We will give you help over the phone if possible
  3. If not we will ask you to give or send us the machine
  4. We will provide you with an estimate and subject to your approval the machine will be repaired or serviced 
  5. We will organize the delivery back to your desired address

020 3489 9545

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